Give Thanks and Give Back

With Thanksgiving, Giving Tuesday, and Christmas all bundled into a short span of less than a month, the opportunities to give to others is more bountiful than other seasons of the year. It’s easy to get lost in ourselves and think of all the things we are thankful for and then turn around and reward ourselves with replacements for most of those things a few hours or days later. Sometimes we purchase things that we were holding off on so that we can save a few dollars. Maybe others will thankfully shop local to support friends and neighbors who are trying to make it on their own. Still others will abstain from purchasing anything to purposefully spend time with family, friends, and nature.

Another area where we can spend our dollars locally is to give to local charities and non- profits. The Travelers Assistance Society of Sweetwater County is thankful for the contributions that regularly come in throughout the year. The donations that come this time of year have a special meaning.

First, these contributions are a reminder that there are those in our community who have purposefully chosen to help others who will find themselves stranded in Sweetwater County. We know that people could have purchased a new TV or bedspread, but have instead contributed to help those effected by weather, road closures, accidents, breakdowns, or other unfortunate circumstances. Thank you for considering others this year as we all give in one form or another.

Second, these contributions really help TASSC get through a busy time of the year for stranded travelers. In 2018, TASSC was able to assist over 650 people with fuel, lodging, bus tickets, and meals. As of September 2019, with your generosity, TASSC was able to help over 400 people, with the increase in travelers needing assistance still on the horizon.

The next time you see a road closure or accident on the interstate, think of those traveling through Sweetwater County who may not have many resources for an unexpected delay. We are thankful that TASSC can provide this ministry to others. And we are thankful to you and those in our community whose contributions to TASSC make our work possible.

So this year, as you give, please consider a donation of any amount to Travelers Assistance Society of Sweetwater County, a registered 501(c)3.Give online at or to TASSC, PO Box 1194, Green River, WY 82935.